We contribute towards a competitive, responsible and equitable economy through our investments in purpose-driven and profitable businesses.
We invest to create opportunities, to empower people and to transform problems into innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions.
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Investment Philosophy

Our investment portfolio comprises a diversified exposure to different strategies, sectors and geographies. We evaluate not only economic risk and return, but also the impact of our investments.

We leverage on strategic alliances as we value challenging our knowledge frontier seeking to scale.

Our financial capacity and flexibility, critical thinking and openness to new paradigms differentiate us as partners.

About Us

We are a family office that manages an investment platform, with a global and long-term vision, responding to the purpose of fostering in the family members an entrepreneurial vocation, innovation and commitment.



Imagen Año 1961


In 1961,

Alfredo Román

founded Román, currently CSM (Ciencia al Servicio del Movimiento) (, his first transportation and assemble of large components business, which is still leading the industry to date. The company has participated in the country's largest and most complex infrastructure projects, lately with special focus on the transportation and assembly of eolic grounds and thermal power plants.
Imagen Año 1995


In 1995

Alfredo Román

founded ITL (, the first containers' private port in Argentina, designed with a multimodal logistics platform in order to provide a comprehensive, high value added service. Since the participation of the second generation of the family, the company has consolidated a significant regional position.
Imagen Año 2008


With the goal of becoming global and the need to adequate the port infrastructure to the operations of last generation ships that were arriving to the country, in 2008 the family built a strategic alliance with one of the world's largest operators, PSA (Port Singapore Authority), who chose both Argentina and ITL for their regional landing.
Imagen Hoy


Along with the experience and track record earned through more than 10 years, Oraganización Roman has evolved into Puerto Asis Investments. This new platform continues to manage the family's wealth preservation and growth. This platform seeks as well to boost each generation's talent and entrepreneurial spirit. Currently, and motivated by the vision of the youngest family members, the concept of purpose is part of each investment decision.